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ORIGO  is a circus experience for infants and their parents. It contains a contemporary circus performance and a baby circus workshop.


 The performance part of the experience gets its inspiration from the world of contrasts, such as black and white, and light and shadow, benefiting from circus techniques and physical theater. According to researchers babies perceive the world through contrasts, so the show aims to create visual scenic pictures that are easy to understand for infants, but are also interesting for their parents. Abstract scenarios will be visualized into movement using shapes and forms that babies prefer. The soundscape of the show will imitate noises in the womb, creating a familiar atmosphere for infants.


In the baby circus workshop babies and parents get to try circus themselves. Using elements from partner acrobatics and object manipulation, it encourages the interaction and trust between parents and infants. 


Mirja Jauhiainen and Hanna Terävä are both experienced circus artists and mothers to little boys. In Origo they research how it is to combine motherhood with being an artist.



a circus experience for babies


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